12/7/14 Birthdays

Been a while since I last wrote in this journal. A whole year as a matter of fact. A whole year later…

The Cousin’s kid is growing fast. Gosh I just can’t believe it. Cake all over the place- all over the face and in the hair.

So cute. Messy, but cute.

And standing too. Not walking just yet but dang. it’s something else. Hard to believe it’s been a year. A whole year. Life changes a lot.

Not sure what else to write, really.


12/26/13 – Nine Hundred

Well, I hope everyone had a Happy and Merry Christmas…For me? It was rather loud!

Lots of one dog happily barking…. and lots of kids squealing…

It’s rather bizarre to no longer be the youngest person in the room. In fact, standing there, looking down upon all those kids running around yesterday reminded me of the time when I was that age and everyone above me was older…

It’s actually, I suppose, an inversion of what I knew from those long lost days… So, as I helped one of the younger kids open the packaging on one of their M&M candy containers, or even did silly voices for a plastic dragon toy…

It’s a bizarre turnaround.

What a loud day indeed.


07/31/13 — A Hunch

I saw a kid yesterday- at a store’s checkout line- was sitting in the upper part of a cart holding a toy with his left hand while his sister chatted from the floor, holding her own toy with her.

This kid then noticed me, and waved with his right hand- Smaller than his left by a noticeable margin. I was stunned for a moment even as I waved back. How did something like that even happen?

But here was this kid- not bothered by it at all. Even was using it as well as he could given the circumstances. Would use his hand to stabilize him even as he turned around to look at his sister or grin at their Grandmother (Or Aunt, maybe. But definitely older than would be expected for a mother),

So I look at this kid, probably no older than four, and there he is just sitting there, happy as could be, not a care in the world…

And I think to myself, “That Kid’s going to grow up and be someone important one day!”

I see this kid with a dominant Left Hand, and he just doesn’t care about anything but the toy he’s holding onto.

Mom hasn’t noticed- or if she has she’s not commenting on it- but she takes us over to another checkout lane as this one’s not going anywhere, but after that point, the lanes move on.

As we check out- this kid and his family gets out ahead of us- and as they’re leaving the store- the kid just waves at me one more time- same right hand.

I can’t help but to wave back at him and smile- regardless of whether he saw it or not…

So as me and Mom head for the exit, I tell her, “You know, that kid’s going to be someone important one day.”

“Why’s that?” She asks, and I realize she probably didn’t even notice the kid’s hand…

So I simply reply, “Just call it a hunch, I guess.”

And I truly believe it, even last night as I went to bed, I thought once more, “Yeah, that kid is going to grow up to be someone some day.”


07/08/13 Visitors

Some explorers from the Seltani project came over to visit after I put a book up on display this morning.

I think it’s ready for semi-public release now. Most of the structures are in place. Just need some tightening down on the finer details.

It’s not completely ready for a full cavern wide release, I’ll wait for Sirich to get those books ready before that.



07/07/13 — Revisit.

Returned to Pod 12 to do a more thorough (and accurate) mapping after taking art classes for the last month.

Of note- the Lava pool seems to have lowered a bit, and my initial guess of the pond shape was off by somewhat when drawn originally.

I’ve also realized that due to the actual placement of the lava pool with regards to the Pod, the original L shape pipe I’d planned to use for power obviously wouldn’t work at that angle. In theory, a straighter pipe would look better anyways for steam power transfer.


Pod 12

06/06/13 — i dont get it


I just feel like things are getting out of control anymore. It’s too tense      

I hate summer.

5/13/13 – Understanding

I understand how the DRC felt all the time. It’s tiring work that few people tend to understand.

I sit here in Kahlo Pub right now, in front of the imager. It’s been too long since I’ve paid my respects.

Life keeps pressuring me towards things, and mom keeps asking me if I’m ready for the driver’s test tomorrow.

My answer is what I think the DRC always thought to themselves: I’m as ready as I’ll ever be.

As for that ever illusive college? I’ll probably go visit it this next weekend. See if it’s the right place. From the pictures it certainly doesn’t look like much on the outside…But then again, neither did the Gymnastics building I took lessons at during the second restoration.

Just a giant storage hanger from the outside.

But that makes things unique, doesn’t it?

I wonder how Coach is doing. Probably still dealing with kids left and right. Hah, I think I understand how he felt all the time. Rowdy people left and right.

I think it’s time I start listening to those lyrics from that one song.

{Time Moves on, nothing will last/ I will not hold onto the past.
I will not waver again because I am afraid.
No more doubt, no more regret/No more things to make me forget,
That I am destined for more, and my fate is now in my hands.}

I need to forge my own path now, I think. But what? I’m not sure.